The Adventure of the Faithful – Episode #671

October 12, 2019

The Adventure of the Faithful
Episode #671

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Jennifer Wentzel

This is the continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #668.
There is nothing dull or hum-drum in a prayer life that belongs to Jesus. The life of the faithful believer is one of true adventure and wonder and mystery!

I didn’t see effort from you with it. I, you know, I didn’t hear you saying, “I’ve put an alarm in my phone to say, ‘Pray for Steve Scalise five times a day.’” But when it’s Him, it’s not an effort. I know that. When He has the freedom to come in and love as He loves and turn whichever way He wants to go, so He can be praying in faith one moment and then praying with urgency the next moment and, you know? And it’s not an effort thing. I did not see effort with you, John, you know. And I didn’t hear effort the few times that you mentioned it while you were in process. It was never about, you know, “Aw man! I’ve got to remember to pray for that guy!” It was never that. That wasn’t what came out. It wasn’t, “Oh yeah, I should have.” Because when He puts it on your heart, it’s, maybe it’s no longer a you and a Him, it’s a you/Him. You were a ‘WE!’

Yeah, and, and, and like you said it, I, it was on me. It wasn’t like it was something that I was having to do or it was, it, it… I didn’t have to remember. It was on me. And I couldn’t escape it when it was there. And, you know, and it could have been, you know, it could’ve just as easily been that I was praying for the beginning part and not the end part; that I had the passion for the beginning and then it was over; that I didn’t remember him again from Adam’s house cat. But that wasn’t the, the story that, that Christ was wanting to write in me. He was wanting to write the whole deal in. He was wanting me to be a part of the entire process to the very end which was neat. And that’s, that was a testimony to me and a, a real encouragement because I, I was able to see it, you know. We don’t, we don’t often get to see the results. We don’t often get to see. And, and literally the thing that really blew my mind is that because he put it in a book, I was able to see every nuance of it which was so much more interesting. Because, you know, all the people we pray for they don’t write books to say what was going on, you know? But I was able to, you know, kind of get a front row seat to the entire thing both in the prayer and then in the retelling of it so that I could see what happened. So that’s so cool.

Well, and I was one of those people that when I heard about it happening I prayed right then. I think I probably prayed two or three times for him as I was reading the news. But then that was it. And I don’t feel guilty hearing you talk about it right now. I guess that’s the other thing. If God had laid it on my heart and I was like, “Ugh, no.” You know? That’s a whole different ball game. And I, I can say no to Him. That’s the deal. I can! But that’s what’s amazing to me is there’s no problem if you prayed once, twice, three times at the beginning when you heard it. That’s wonderful! There’s, there’s no problem whatsoever. You’re talking about a specific story where God took you from start to finish. Where He took you in deep. And, and, you know, I want us all to, to have that story and to have the desire for that kind of faithfulness I think, you know? Because we, we talked about relationship and we talk about companionship but it’s only possible when you’re faithful.

And available!

But that’s, isn’t that it?

Yeah, sure!

Isn’t that a part of being…is it fidelis? I’m getting into Latin. No, fidelity. Faithful commitment, right? We’re saying relationship. That’s part of it. That’s part of it is that faithfulness and that commitment and that availability, that time. It’s real! It’s not just something you check off of your day. John, you have true, actual relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Oh! When you say it out loud I know that we all do it and that’s the normal Christian life but it’s, it’s pretty wild when you actually think about it, isn’t it? I mean I just think that’s incredible.

Well, that’s a, the semper fi, right?


That’s, I mean that’s it. And, and I just looked it up because I was like, “Oh, yeah, that’s what she’s talking about.” I mean that’s, that’s the Marine Corps’ motto is always faithful, always loyal. That’s… And, and if you are faithful, if you are loyal, then you are available. That’s, that’s what I would say about a Marine is that they are available. They are on the job regardless. They’re there. They’re always faithful. And in the moment, they’re being faithful and, and so that’s a cool, that’s a cool word to bring to it with the fidelity and then to think about that.

I, I don’t think we think about it in those terms but that’s how it plays out. And that, that’s what your actions spoke of, John. And that’s what being available to God speaks of. That is a faithfulness. That is fidelity. And, and good grief, that’s, that’s hard to have when you’re looking at someone right face to face let alone when it’s an encounter with the, the unseen, unknowable but still knowable, the great mystery of God, you know? That is, that is something!

I think what we’re touching on is the great adventure of changing the world, changing lives and changing… That lies within our ability simply by—not by going out and doing it as you’re, as you’re saying, Jennifer, but by being available to the Lord.

I, I prayed a good bit over someone in, in a medical crisis and family crisis and the Lord gave me specific things in the scripture and when it was all over and this person is with the Lord, I came to hear that every prayer I prayed was answered. And that surprised me (laughs). That shocked me, of course.

But, but we just want to get into that great adventure because we are to be instruments of changing the world and citizens of the kingdom and bringing His rule and His presence and His reign in and I want to get on that train that’s moving and that adventure. That because it makes you know, number one, not only that we’re hearing God but God is hearing us. There it is. That’s truly amazing.

Specific prayers were answered. I prayed the heaven would open and the heavens did in the most amazing… I’m not free to tell the story but it’s, it’s amazing when you know that God has heard you and He has responded with His own power. That is the adventure of walking with Christ. And that’s the adventure He wants us to have because every adventure of prayer is knowing Him and believing more and more in His power to rule over any situation that He wants to do so. And He uses us as the partner to His agenda and His, His, His dream for every person. Just, just to make… Give us more, Lord. Give us more.

It’s so beautiful that He initiated it with John. Yeah! And John is no stranger to long-term commitments to pray. We know that don’t we, Jennifer (laughs)?

Yep (laughs).

The Adventure of the Faithful – Episode #671 – Shulamite Podcast

There is nothing dull or hum-drum in a prayer life that belongs to Jesus. It may be quiet at times, but when you wait on God, listening for His voice, the reward is spectacular. The life of the faithful believer is one of true adventure and wonder and mystery!

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