Episode #35 – Being Sarah’s Daughter

August 19, 2007

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest Rosemary Lokers and Interview Testimonies

(J) Well Martha we have featured the CD series “Being Sarah’s Daughter” this week we’re doing it, and last week we’re doing it. And from that conference there have been a number of testimonies coming from Rosemary in Honduras, and we’ve decided that we’d just share two of those testimonies. She has a number of them, but these are the first two that she got done and so we just wanted give people the ability to hear how people are being touched right now in Honduras. So what do you think about that?
(M) Well it’s very exciting because it’s the fruit that has to be from the Lord alone, that happens in their lives as He speaks to each one by the Spirit. It’s just wonderful to know that God moved. You stand up and speak and sometimes you really don’t know what happens in lives, and she’s gone around and interviewed; she first started out just running into people or seeing them and they would tell her things that the Lord had done. And then she got the idea of taping it for a podcast and now all the women are clamoring to be recorded; and saying when are you coming to tape me Rosemary? It’s really very exciting; some of the stories probably couldn’t be told publicly. But it seems to be that the emphasis was on forgiveness and the enormous things that are happening in their lives, and as they were given by the Spirit the power to forgive during the conference.
(J) You’ve heard the series now, what do you say about the message?
(M) Well I was amazed at what the Lord said through me. I didn’t remember some of it. But I’m real anxious to go back for the second part.
(J) What’s going to be the second part?
(M) The thing I didn’t touch on that I really thought the Lord would do was about fear, because it says do not be like Sarah and do not be upset with fears. And I never really got to that part, because the emphasis was on forgiveness. And I think if I went back I’d touch on that, but I’m just anxious to be with these women again, I just fell in love with them. And they were so receptive; the testimonies are a lot about their receptivity and their need, and they said they’d never heard a message like this of a woman’s worth to Jesus. Their receptivity is such that it makes you want to go back and give them more.
(J) I was reading this morning in the Word about the receptive heart and how Jesus said the stony ground and the good ground and everything like that, and they really were, they were wide-open furrowed ground. And it was amazing, they were just like sponges, they sucked it up.
(M) And it’s so rewarding to a speaker, it’s precious.
(J) And I’m really pleased to see this, usually you hear little things, that really touched me, or something like that, but these women are making monumental jumps in their walk.
(M) They’re very specific, as you will hear.
(J) Now let’s listen to Rosemary and the ladies.

(Rosemary) Martha was here in Honduras and gave us a “Daughter’s of Sarah” retreat. Several testimonies were coming in afterwards of what God had done in women’s lives and what He was doing in their lives since the retreat. And we just really felt led to do a podcast of a couple of those testimonies with you, and we just want to thank you so much for praying for the ministry in Honduras and your giving has allowed us to do some things here. And we just want you to know what a ministry Martha has here among the people, and we just appreciate so much your support of that ministry. The women of Honduras have suffered tremendous abuse, physically and emotionally since childhood; their stories are horrendous. And we would just ask that you continue to lift up the everyone here, the women here, and that God would come and minister to them and they would find His real love and acceptance for them.

(Interview) Good morning Rosemary. God bless you. For me it’s an honor that the Lord has allowed me to have this moment and I want to tell you that for me it was an honor that sister Martha could come so far from our country to give us this conference that for me was so marvelous. And I know for the other sisters that were also there with us; I imagine that for them it also impacted their lives so much as it did so much in my life. It made me see and under stand many things that had happened to me in the past, and it was something that really was a blessing from God, that here in our city we could have a conference like this and that we could have this experience together. I want to tell you a short testimony about me. In all that we’ve done and all that happened to us it was as if the Holy Spirit wanted to recapacitate us and that we really needed Martha to come here as a messenger of our Lord Jesus Christ. And God made me see through her various things in what she talked about in the conference and in the subjects that she spoke about. And all translated of course by sister Rosemary because of course I don’t know how to speak English, but yes I understood well the translations and I know that it was God speaking to us through them. And as women of the church, the New Jerusalem, I felt proud that the first time we had a conference we could have a person like Martha here that has lived with her life what is the power of God. When she spoke, everything that she talked about was the truth, that only with the love of God can men tolerate and bear in this life that God has permitted us to live, and to carry all as she explained to us there. And in one of the subjects that she spoke about I was so impacted. It was the first night when she spoke. She said that everything that happens in our lives is a preparation and that it’s a process where God is polishing us, where God is leading us, so that we can know the immense love that He has for us. In my life it made me see that everything that has happened to me in my life until now, it’s been the marvelous goodness of God for me. And although my heart has been very, very hurt God has done marvelous things in me to allow me to bear and ‘to put up with’. It doesn’t matter that our family, our own family at times, turns into our own ‘executioners’. If we really have known the love of God, does it matter what they do to us? If we really want to be those vessels like the Lord tells us women that we are, and if we really want to be those vessels of honor? And so through what Martha shared with us and explained to us I said to the Lord, Lord, it really is worth living for You.

(Rosemary) Before we hear this next woman’s testimony, I want to just tell you a little bit about her life, because when I asked her to share her testimony she shared a lot about her life first and I really want to get to the part where she shares what happened at the conference and what happened after the conference. So I just want to tell you a little about her. She was married for ten years and in ministry with her husband in a local church when he was unfaithful. And he was unfaithful with a prostitute and he continued his relationship with the prostitute and had a child with the prostitute. And she allowed him the have this relationship while he was still living with her. So at the conference, Martha had a special time with this woman after the conference. And the Lord showed her that she was a woman that had had intense suffering from childhood on; and it was then that we learned a little bit of her story. She was very anxious to share her testimony of what God did at the conference.

(Interview) Let me tell you that at the end of the conference I was so broken; I could feel the hand of God there, I could feel the hand of the Lord while He was restoring this area of my life. Let me tell you that there in that conference I was set free and could learn how to forgive. I had said that I’d forgiven my husband, and had forgiven that woman that had done so much damage to my life, but it really wasn’t the truth. When I saw that woman I felt hate for her, I felt disdain for her, who knows what else I felt, I felt so wrong towards her. I was set free, set free from that Pharaoh that I was carrying on my shoulders. And when sister Martha gave the conference I just said all of this is for me. We had so many wonderful, beautiful experiences there in that conference. I tell you that I said in the end, thank You Lord so much for having brought her here. I just want to bless the life of sister Martha. I know that through her many women are going to be set free and their lives are going to be transformed through her ministry, because the Lord has great things planned. And He used so much, sister Martha, and I just want to bless her life. I tell you that when I came to my house after the retreat, I’m a different woman. I learned how to forgive my husband. I’m not the same woman that I was before, not with my children either. My children are saying, Mom, you’re a different woman, what happened to you? What did they do to you in that place? And I say no, it was the love of God, it was His mercy and I came speaking of the marvelous things God had done, and how God used sister Martha, and how she had a word for me, and how she prayed for me; and I felt that she was a woman that was empowered by God. And I’m different and I’m not the same woman that I was before. I’m asking God for direction, and I’ve said to the Lord. The Lord knows that I forgave that woman and my husband at the conference and I said Lord, when I see that woman that has done me so much harm, I want to be able to talk to her about You, give me the opportunity to talk to her about You. And I’ve see her, I won’t deny that I’ve seen her in the street, but the marvelous thing is that I don’t feel the same thing that I felt before. I can see her, it’s not that I’m having a conversation with her, but I see her and I don’t feel anything wrong towards her and I’m praying for her. And I’m asking the Lord that He would give me an opportunity that one day I can tell her about Him. And so I want to say that the truth is if we don’t know how to forgive, what use is it; God doesn’t listen to our petitions, and He can’t answer us, because just like He forgave those people that crucified Him and the people that did so much harm to Him, we also should know how to forgive. We should have forgiveness, and a repentance that’s genuine, that comes from our hearts, that’s real; it doesn’t serve us at all to say I forgive such and such, but with our actions we show that we really haven’t forgiven the person. In conclusion I just want to say that we should be like the Lord Jesus, we need an attitude of forgiveness. I just want to bless the Lord, and when Martha listens to this testimony I want the Lord to bless you and that He would continue to use you powerfully. God bless you; thank you sister.

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