Episode #34 – Freedom in God

August 12, 2007

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) Well, here we go, and you know all of the illness I went through in 2004 and 2005 sort of has caused me just to lean on the Lord for my health. And at my age you can’t preserve your health no matter what you take. One of the healthiest eating women I knew, absolutely rigid about natural foods and supplements, died of a brain tumor in her thirties. I mean you cannot preserve your own life. I’m going to do what I’m responsible for, but that whole illness taught me that God can overcome anything; when He’s ready He will strike it and it’s gone. And He will, He has promised to keep me green in my old age, and I have absolutely no doubt about that. Now I do have to go through the fight of faith, because Satan would tell me otherwise, he would often even prove to me otherwise.
(J) And faith is not blindness either.
(M) Yeah, Faith is not delusion.
(J) Or blindness or skirting pain.
(M) Or super spiritual (lalala); no it’s real, it’s real in the face of.
(J) Regardless of what the circumstance is you were saying Jesus is Lord; it doesn’t matter what the circumstance says, He is Lord and I’m going to believe that regardless.
(M) Exactly. And he was absolutely Lord of me going down to Honduras. And I believe this conference, I hope we’re not boring our listener’s with it, but this was a breakthrough in this territory that I’ve been hitting at for seven years. This was, something came down that is pretty significant. I don’t know where it’ll go.
(J) The messages are wonderful too, they really are, real strong.
(M) Really?
(J) Yeah. I’m enjoying getting them finished and edited because the message is real strong and real powerful. I know it brought a lot of freedom to a lot of women. You saw that it was going to shift their brain, and they were going to think differently, and I believe, I don’t know this for a fact, but I believe what we’re going to find in those interviews that are gong to come in Rosemary’s podcast, is that their thinking has changed.
(M) Well one of the women said, I have never heard a message like that. They’re having enormous, amazing things happen in their lives; reconciliation’s, I’ve been on that much. They’re having dreams, and all kinds of things are happening down there because of it. So the enemy really wanted to stop it.
(J) Absolutely.
(M) Because the poor and the desperate that God wants to go to, the enemy wants to keep oppressed. And the real intent of the message was that women are free in God.  And the enemy does not want that. But anyway, He won.
(J) He did win.
(M) And I love Him for winning. He even wins over me.
(J) That’s what’s wonderful is that work is being done by Him and He will do it.
(M) He will even work in my life to get me to the real unshakeable faith and He will keep me green in my old age. I’ll be like a green olive tree, flourishing in the gates of the Lord, to declare His righteousness to the next generation. There’s no other reason to be vital in your old age but to declare Him to the next generation; so that’s the purpose, it’s not just so I’ll be happy.
(J) And comfortable.
(M) And comfortable, yes.
(J) So now let’s go back to the trees in the garden. I asked you the question, I don’t even remember, we blew it out so bad.
(M) You said do we put ourselves in one category or the other.
(J) And does it stem from that original lie, is the reason why there’s the two camps. Clearly in the life of Jesus and what He preaches, is it because that is the original human nature that we chose, one tree or the other, Him the Tree of Life, or the confusion. I was bringing this into the black and white thing, because it’s so black and white. Well, does that mean I’m eating off of that other tree, is He black and white like that? Is it because we’ve chosen that? I mean, I want to understand this. Do you see what I’m saying?
(M) I believe we were born with a nature that chose the tree. And we were born in fear. Our problem is not fear; our problem is that we are by nature afraid. And it is that nature that has to be rendered in the grave, that is the only solution really to fear. Someone came to me recently and was telling me a problem and I said your problem is doctrine. And of course that’s kind of a strange way to answer a human dilemma. The doctrine is that you are dead, and your fear is in the grave with you, because you are the fear. I don’t know if that answers what you’re after, I don’t think it does.
(J) So does He solve the whole crisis that we created by eating the fruit on the tree? Does He solve that crisis by saying I am Lord. Does that resolve the fear of evil, does that resolve the eating of the Tree of Good and Evil? I’m not saying it real well, but I’m seeing something. We’ve done it and we have chosen the tree, which pulled the blinder’s off of our eyes, so that we would see good and evil.
(M) And be afraid because of the evil that we see.
(J) And deciding what is good and what is evil? We say this is good, and we find out that it was evil; or if we say this is evil and we find out that it was really good. So does He solve the issue in the garden with ‘I am Lord’? Does that put a stop to the confusion we got in the garden.
(M) I’m going to say that, not exactly, I don’t know how to say it, the solution to the fear is to set aside the person who feared. And when you set aside the person who feared in the grave, as hopeless and in the grave, then the new man knows that He is the Lord. I don’t know if that answers what you’re after or not. You may be on a different.
(J) I don’t know what I’m asking.
(M) Yes, that He is Lord is the solution; but the one who can hear that and believe that is the new man.
(J) Because you did awaken sin, sin has to die.
(M) You have to die.
(J) Me.
(M) Yeah, I have to die. But you know what John, you’re bringing up an issue that I want to do in a future broadcast. And it’s a much bigger issue than we can go into right now. But you’re on the next podcast. So let’s let it suffice it to say that the new man can hear and believe He is Lord. The old man cannot believe that because the old man is ever going to be tied to the tree of good and evil, and to the fears and death of that tree. The old man is hopeless, and not redeemable, not changeable; you can’t tell that old man that Jesus is Lord, he will say yeah, maybe, but what about this situation, what about that? That’s the old man who cannot and will not believe, so it’s not possible.
(J) And we see that evident around us all the time.
(M) Yeah, but the new man, that is the nature of the new man, to know and to believe that He is Lord. So it depends on which one is dealing with it. Part of the process of dealing with fear is to get the old man out of the way, the old woman in the grave; and hear with the new creation.
(J) I don’t know what I’ll do with that.
(M) Well, it’s a question that’s coming from your spirit and it’s very prophetic to what I’m brooding on right now, what I’m brooding on really is that you can’t put old wine in new wine skins; and for years I’ve wondered what that meant, and I have taught it, but I think I have a revelation of it like never before. So that’s where we’re going.
(J) Ok, good.
(M) Some week soon.

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