Episode #89 – Grace To Surrender

August 31, 2008

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) But that’s where grace comes; you have grace and humility, you come under the order. You come under God’s position. And there are a lot of things that pretend to be submission that are not.
(J) No, lifting up my head.  W hat would this be?
(M) I think it’s… Effort is pride. You said once that effort is blasphemy. Effort comes from pride. I’m going to ‘be’ without needing God. That is the failure to surrender to His life, His will, His lordship. Oh it’s, but it’s so wonderful because He is King. (John coughs) Are you choking? Ok, “Submit to God, resist the devil, stand firm against him and he will flee from you.” Do you see, John, you don’t fight the devil if you have not submitted to God. You can’t.  The Lord taught me years ago you cannot fight the devil with your own rebellion. You cannot stand in rebellion and fight, the rebellious one. You cannot do it; you’ll be beaten up every time. You surrender first, and then you resist the devil. And he will flee then, because he has to accept the authority and order of God. It’s the only thing he will submit to. He doesn’t have to submit to my rebellion.
(J) It’s kind of like this guy says, even when the demon said to them, ‘Paul I know, Jesus I know, but who in the heck are you?’
(M) Right. Then it says, “ Come close to God and He will come close to you.” When? After surrender. “Recognize that you’re sinners and repent. Purify your hearts. As you draw near to God be deeply penitent and grieve.” But verse ten, “Humble yourselves feeling very insignificant in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you, He will lift you up and make your lives significant.” We want the significance for ourselves, but significance is the gift of God to the humble, to the surrendered. It’s not just that you will have victory over the devil, but you when you surrender you will have the repentance and the humility to find the favor of God. We want to master the favor of God without coming ‘the way’; you have to come to God in humility. It’s very simple; it’s to know that God is God. Oswald puts it this way, I think it’s July 29th. “It’s not true to say that God wants to teach us something in our trials. Through every cloud He brings our way He wants us to unlearn something.” And I think ‘the unlearn’ John, is to unlearn that anybody is God but Him.
(J) Well you said yesterday to me, He is very jealous to be the only voice. So I mean…
(M) Actually I could say that my fire is His jealousy. He is a consuming fire. He is a jealous God. If we can ever see it as love instead of… “Whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges ever son He receives.” If we could ever see these trials as His love, we could accept them better. Oswald goes on to say, “His purpose in using the cloud”, and I’ll say the fire also, “is to simplify our beliefs until our relationship to Him is exactly like that of a child, a relationship simply between God and our own souls where other people are but shadows.” That means He’s God. Anyway, I’ve got… I’m just full of this.  I’m seeing that underneath every calling or command of scripture is the need to surrender. I’ve been memorizing John 15, “Abide in Me and I in you” for months. I’ve had to go back and start over again because I’ve had such difficulty getting it in sequence for some reason. And as I’ve gone back this time I see.  I have studied the word abide, I have prayed over the word abide, I have looked at it in every translation that you can think of, because I have a passion for that chapter; actually 14 through 17, but 15 especially. I have a passion to know it. And I suddenly realize, that you cannot abide in Him, in the Vine, unless you surrender and give up every place else you live.
(J) So it’s not a mastery word, it’s a surrender word.
(M) Yeah, exactly, it’s a surrender word. And that is the secret of abiding.  It is giving up the other places you dwell, the other places you have a source. You cannot abide if you have another source, in yourself or others. So now I know the solution is not to hear His voice, first.  The solution is to surrender. And I think there is a one-time grand major surrender where you give your life to Him. I think it’s very… There are those who teach that until He’s Lord you’re not born-again. Well, He can be Master, you can have done that; you have given yourself to Him. But then you’re going to hit over and over again, places where you’re called to surrender that you’re going to have a great struggle until you learn always the response to Him is ‘You are God, I bow’. Linda Dillo has written a book on worship recently. And her… The statement of her relationship with the Lord is ‘I bow’. And her fruit is astonishing. Her constant statement to the Lord is ‘I bow’, and then she will say, ‘I bow my mind, I bow my body, I bow my life’; she is continually beginning her conversations with Him, I bow.
(J) How does Jacquelyn start each day?
(M) “I surrender my will to You, and I open my heart to You.” That is, that really truly is surrender. So, He wants us to know Him; that is His intent. In John 17 is the strongest, is one of the strongest things that Jesus prays, “This is eternal life, that they would know You, the only God and Jesus Christ Your Son.”  His, God’s whole intent is to be known. But John, we want to know things ‘about Him’, but He wants us to know Him as God. And that’s the purpose of everything.
(J) Not my buddy, but God.
(M) Right. Not my servant either, but God. He is totally God.
(J) Is the only way to have God, be the friend of God…  Is the only way is to have Him in your life as Lord? I mean I have wanted to be the friend of God, but do you not have to understand that He is God in order to be His friend? I mean, is that what Abraham had? Abraham said, ‘You’re God’, basically You’re God, period; hell or high water here we go, You’re God; and then he was a friend of God.
(M) I think you just answered your own question.   I think you’re getting a revelation of what it takes to be the friend. See absolute surrender of all power to God, and what this is about is power. David said, “Once I’ve heard it, twice I’ve heard it, power belongs to God.” What the, actually what the fire is about is to burn out of us the believing in any power but God, and any, exerting any power from ourselves. So my surrender is the surrender of all power. It puts me in the place of needing God in every,  every situation, every relationship. And see, that word of coming into order? Submit to God is coming into order? The surrender to God is the relating to God, and it sets everything in its right place, it orders everything. Surrender to God creates order in your mind. There was a little boy that said, “I didn’t know anybody could be as calm as Martha.” And see I’m not… I’m consciously not aware of that steady core of my being that maybe some other people are aware of, but I believe it is just simply the surrender  that I am owned by God, and He dwells in the midst of me in complete peace. I can leave it and feel all this. But when you surrender to Him over and over until His possession of you increases and you decrease, then there is a core of your being that is stable; He is God, you don’t have two gods. You’re always going to be tested and burned, always. I’m not finished. What are you? You won’t go there? (Laughter)
(J) No, I am going there.
(M) Ok, go.
(J) Well Martha, I know that you have a lot more about this, and you want to give some practicality to this, and everything like that. And I’m looking forward to that. And I know that you’re going to put it on this month’s “Message of the Month”, which is August’s “Message of the Month”. We’re a little late on it and I believe that we’re going to tape that this morning and get that out. But I just wanted to let everybody know that if you really are impacted by what these messages have been, about this surrender, that is going to be available as well, the CD of the month which is basically going to launch off of what we’ve just said here and amplify it and bring practicality to it. Do you have anything other to say?
(M) I just feel in my spirit that’s the end of this message. But we know the Lord gets on a subject and so we may come to it again. But for today, I commit this to the Lord, this message. And I’m excited that, to be able to give the secret, it’s the secret to everything. It’s the secret into the Kingdom. You surrender your way into the Kingdom. You crawl your way in humility into the Kingdom. There is no other way. Pride has no place in the Kingdom. Pride will keep you out and keep you worshipping yourself. So here I go, on another tare.  But I just ask the Lord to anoint this and make it, make it for the increase of Himself wherever He sends it.
(J) Absolutely.

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