Holy Spirit Healing Brain Trauma – Episode #818

August 06, 2022

Holy Spirit Healing Brain Trauma
Episode #818

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
With special guest: Cecil McGuire, Charles Carrin, Buddy McGuire

This is a continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #811

Just a couple of things I wanted to throw out there. One book I started reading probably around 2009 was by Cathy Oates. She was a pastor’s wife in Atlanta, a Vineyard church. Her husband Gary Oates has written books on angels. You may have read some of those. They are connected with Morningstar. She wrote a book called “Open My Heart, Lord” she told in there where she had been through a lot of rejection. As a child she was called “Fat Cathy.” And she rejected herself. That was the big thing. That trauma that she experienced even though it didn’t look like a big trauma to some people was a trauma that caused her to have fragmentation within herself and reject herself. They call that dissociation.

The dissociation happens like when a child gets trauma and they close themselves up, they wall themselves off from the trauma so that the child can go on. Usually, this kind of trauma that causes dissociation happens before the age of seven or eight because they don’t have the mental capacity to process what happened. Since they can’t process what happened it just goes to the amygdala and it’s stored as an emotion in the cells of the body and it can be triggered again and future trauma can cause more walling off. In the series of walling off from the trauma they are dissociating from the trauma and that is in itself the fragmentation and can perpetuate itself.

That’s a ministry of the Holy Spirit but it can happen on what they call a continuum. Everybody may have a little bit of trauma but they can still function in life; they can function on their job; they may fall apart when they get home from the job because of the pressure of performing. On the other end are people who can’t function at all; they can’t get out of the house.

The church has seen these people in the middle that had trauma that were functioning to a certain level and going to their job and performing outside the home but they have never known how to deal with a ministry of healing the heart. They have given things like, “You should do this; if you do this; you ought to do this; if you read your Bible; if you attend church; if…if, all these contingencies and formulas and more performance. And the person who is broken and in that fragmented place if it’s severe enough that just sounds like more performance to them and they will say, “I will try. I will do this; I will go; I will read; I will read by Bible. Formula to them is no substitute for healing. They get stuck in the trauma and then they wonder why they are not experiencing this victorious Christian life that everybody talks about. For them coming from the broken place they cannot perform and get healing. It has to come through the anointing.

What age did you say that a baby has to have this assurance?

Even as a little baby. Any time before the age of seven. If they can’t process, it then it will become a trauma.

The reason I was curious about that I remember going in an orphanage in Moscow in a room that probably had forty beds in it of babies; these were all diaper size babies. They only had, I think, two nurses in that enormous room to care for all of those little toddlers; these were not even toddlers; they were still in cribs. I remember going and picking up a little baby, beautiful baby and the nurse yelled at me “Put him down, put him down.” And I said, “Why? His diapers are wet.” I did a moment later put the baby down. But when you see a scene like that, where there is an orphanage with that many little babies in it and only two nurses to take care of them and you can’t even pick up one because of the wet diaper you wonder how those children can grow up and become full complete adults.

Some of them can’t and that why they had a lot of testimonies with adoptive families who brought children from the Ukraine or from Russia and the children were never able to bond with the families because they had had such trauma and neglect already. They were walled off and they couldn’t connect with other people.

I don’t know how we got on this topic. What do you have, Martha?

I have a big something to say because we are experiencing this that you are talking about. We’ve been experiencing it for really thirty years but we have lately been through John, he’s been helping traumatized men. It’s an enormous thing going on here with John and it’s exactly what you’re talking about in this conversation. It’s so beautiful because the Holy Spirit has pulled you into something that I didn’t do. We wanted his precious blessing. And he has given us in the wealth here of His presence. The Holy spirit has come in a most unique way. We are working with people who have lost their identity and are divided. I’m not bragging. I am celebrating.

We know that!

You are celebrating with us what He has given us to do and He is going to accomplish it. He is accomplishing it. It’s to prisoners “You are free.” We never anticipated that another author was born here. And we need so desperately, men need friends, brothers in the Lord; healing. We’ve sat and stood in this room on Sundays and declared the labels we got as child we threw them off and got rid of them; you are too selfish; you are mean spirited; all those curses that our parents gave us. We are coming together as a church and we are naming these labels and these curses and throwing them off and we are doing the same for other people.

I’m really blessed by what y’all have all said; the knocking down of the wall and how the whole love end of things. I came in 1996 and Martha annihilated my walls. My brain was smashed. It was just a mess. Martha annihilated my walls with love. Y’all are all bringing a huge conformation of a whole bunch of stuff. It was, literally, the thud of love that continually came and she prayed for my brain over and over and over so much that she saw the Spirit really radically change my brain so that I can even write books which is a total miracle. I had a hard time writing anything. She had to literally say, “Tell me what you want to write”. She would write it out for me because I would make it all complicated. I knew what I wanted to say I just couldn’t say it. We’ve been talking for months about triggers and trauma and childhood trauma. These guys that I’m working with I am not leading them. We are just brothers and we just love each other. They are guys who have experienced sexual trauma and dissociation and the dissociation is terribly painful to me because I’m the neglected one. Their dissociation triggers me totally because it’s a pull-a-way; it’s a withdrawal. And even though I know they love me their inability to make that connection triggers my neglect wounds. We’re banging it out together. We are literally banging it out together and allowing the Spirit to break the dividing walls. That’s incredible!

The amygdala, everything that you’ve been saying I going, “Oh my gosh, this is exactly what God had been leading us” and I would love for your insights…I love your insights but I would love your prayers; I would love your connection with it because I appreciate what He’s given y’all and I bear witness and I resonate with everything that y’all are saying because I know it’s true. I’ve witnessed it. I’m watching it.

A new season. That’s the Holy Spirit’s ministry.

Absolutely! It’s not just the deliverance, it’s just not the bing and you’re done. It’s the working it out and the love. It doesn’t work without love.

We want to pray for anybody today who wants prayer.

Also to understand that our heart and our mind or two different things. And we are really called to live out of our heart; our heart and our brain. Our mind and our heart pretty much go together in scripture. Our physical brain is another deal. We are commanded to renew our minds with the word. That’s the discipleship part. But we need the anointing. We need that healing anointing balm to heal our hearts. And then we can begin the process of that discipleship so that we recognize the triggers, we recognize when something tries to come back up. Then we deal with it. When we are made aware if something triggers us and we’re aware like you are aware that’s the time you want to begin to process that and deal with that appropriately and then you can actually rewire your brain.

Doctor Caroline can disciple you in that. Go on YouTube. She’s got her books. She’s fabulous and she will help you with that process. I would only recommend her because she is a Spirit filled Believer. She’s not just giving you the science she’s giving you the Spirit with it and it all works together.

It is so amazing because we have the science to show us how God designed us and to see that everything Jesus taught us that He said is true. “My words are Spirit and they are life.” You can see that it He wasn’t just saying idle words. We can see the scientific ramification of that.

And we can see how are bodies are such an amazing creation and our mind. They can wire people when they worship God or when they pray in the spirit and the flashes of light-the brain goes into a super charged mode; it’s in perfect mode. And there’s just such a power in that. It’s not by accident. That’s the way our Daddy created us.

We only have two choices. We are thinking, feeling, and choosing so many thousands of times every so many seconds. It’s up to us to do Romans 12 and to think and feel and choose properly. That’s a discipline we have to learn. We can only operate in the love zone or the non or the negative zone. There are only two choices. We have got to learn to operate in the love zone. That’s what keeps us, heals us, and keeps us healthy. The Holy Spirit, I think for right now, He wants to minister and do some healing. Then when we go out of here, we will go and do our discipleship.

 Holy Spirit Healing Brain Trauma – Episode #818 – Shulamite Podcast


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