Episode #36 – Hearing Only His Voice

August 26, 2007

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M)Well, John, you’ll never guess what the subject of the podcast is this morning.
(M)How did you know, cause I didn’t tell you in advance?  I keep saying, well here we are at the end of this subject, and then we go another dimension. So, I think I said at some point that the solution to fear is to believe in the sovereignty of God, that He’s the One in charge and He’s the Big Guy, the Big Gun.  We had a conversation this week about hearing God. You know James has that scripture, “Be not hearers of the Word, but doer’s, because he that hears the Word and does not do it is like the one that looks in a mirror and sees and then walks away and forgets, and he’s deceived”. So we Americans believe that to hear, is enough, and if we can get it in our mind we’ve heard.
(J) If you make the mental connection to it, then it’s done.
(M) Not so, because the Bible doesn’t even recognize that kind of hearing, it’s not talking about the hearing with the mind. It takes a deliberate connection in hearing between the mind and the heart and the will. Whatever I have ever heard from the Lord, within a week I’ve been tested.
(J) Right.
(M) To live it, believe it, do it, and move on it. So, it’s crucial. And I was thinking, we’ve been a lot in our circle on warfare lately; and one of the great….ok, let me go back and say this: we are listeners only, we are not original. We can think about what we’ve listened to, but we are not original. God’s ideas are beyond human capacity to create. And Satan’s ideas are beneath human capacity to create. So we are hearers.  We are hearing vessels, only.
(J) In one of the other podcasts you said, you’re hearing one or the other, I mean you’re not originating anything.
(M) Right. You may think about what you’ve heard. But you may expand on what you’ve heard. But you only have what you listen to. And that’s what we want to talk about today; is you are listening to one entity or the other; and that’s pretty radical.   I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody else say that; but I believe it’s true. And I think God showed it to me in “Eve; that the enemy suggested something to Eve that she thought about and expanded and then illuminated on.  And then she acted. You see hearing is that you will, whatever you ruminate on and meditate on and ponder, you will do.  You will perform. In Jesus’ temptations in the wilderness, the tempter came and said to Him, “If you’re the Son of God”, always he bring a doubt as to who you are, “command these stones to become bread, and Jesus answered him and said, it is written, man shall not live, function, perform on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”; and that doesn’t mean black words on a page.
(J) Ok, so you’re ruminating on something. You’re either going to ruminate on the Lie, or you’re going to rumminate on what God says.
(M) Right.
(J) So it’s an either or, but you’re going to ruminate because you are a ruminating being.
(M) Exactly.
(J) That means when I just hear Satan, or I hear the Lie, about myself or like that, and I take that into myself, I become that.
(M) You become that.
(J) But if I would push that off and listen to what God says, and ruminate, and meditate on that. I see the difference. I see the difference.
(M) Well, I’m memorizing John 15 slowly, tediously, for some reason. But one of the most profound verses is where he says, “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you wish, and it will be done to you.”  That is about prayer, and our prayer is dependent on who we listen to, and those words that we hear do abide in us.
(J) Period.
(M) Period.
(J)They’re going to do that.
(M)They’re going to do that, whatever you listen to. In John 10 Jesus said, “My sheep know My voice. A stranger’s voice they will not hear.” I wish I could say that had been true of me always.
(J) Me too.
(M) I want to be such a sheep, a dependent stupid being, that I won’t even hear a stranger’s voice. That’s who His follower’s are to be. But it’s all about the voice.  It’s all about who you listen to. Even this phase of warfare is a matter, in the midst of temptation of a forty-day fast, and horrendous attack, His warfare was the Voice of God to Him. That’s a phase of practicing warfare that we don’t know about. You do the war by listening and by hearing God’s viewof it.  And it’s the right and privilege of every born again child of God. It is absolutely essential.
(J) And I’ve been under chastening lately, because of this. I have infections in both of my ears. And it’s possibly a strep infection in my ears; it’s extremely painful; and it’s better now. I believe the reason why is exactly what you’re saying. The reason the chastening is happening is because I hear the Lie, and I ruminating on the Lie; I can look in my thought life and I can say, my gosh, I ruminate on that lie.  I’m rehearsing it and I’m taking it in on myself.
(M) Then you’ll act in obedience to that.
(J) And I’m believing that Lie more than I’m believing the Word of God; because the Word of God doesn’t seem as real, because it’s a faith thing; whereas the Lie is right in my face.
(M) Because you’ve experience the reality of the Lie, you believe the lie.  Is that what you’d say? One of the things I told you was that Joshua took the remnant of Israel into the Promised Land; but his commission was, ‘do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, meditate on the Word of God’. One of my heroines, I can’t remember her name, but she was the woman that conquered the serial killer Steven Moran. And she did it because she had listened to the Word of God; she had that little notebook, where she wrote the scriptures He gave her; She carried it with her everywhere. If she was in a doctor’s office, she’d meditate on it, and when the crisis came the Spirit could take her over; she said
(J)She was ready.
(M)She was ready. Because she was meditating on the absolute truth God had given her.
(J) That’s actually been my answer as well. I’m writing down in a booklet what God is sayinig and I’m going back over it each morning and saying, Ok, this is what You’re saying regardless of what this looks like.
(M) It is the warfare that happens within your soul. You are accused day and night; and if you listen to it you’ll be what you’re accused of. You will only live by the Voice of God, and that means flourish, function, increase.  You will live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. And that word there is ‘rhema’, which is the personal spoken word. A friend of mine is reading Pinks book on “The Sovereignty of God”, which is a fabulous book. But she got real confused by it because it gives no ‘other side’ of it. And I said to her, don’t read Pink. Read the Spirit. Let the Spirit tell you what He wants you to… Forget Pink;  Forget everything.  But let the Spirit speak to you through the book, and the Spirit only. Why would you listen to anything else?
(J)I just read Pink and not what the Spirit is telling me.
(M) Anyway, you become who you listen to; “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.”  But let’s get it in there that the battle is to believe God, above yourself and above the enemy.
(J)Wh seems  to be talking quite a bit, from somewhere.
(M) Yes.
(J) It’s a drip, drip, drip, constantly.
(M) If you receive it.
(J)and then you can receive it or not.
(M)But if you have a habit of listening to that, then that’s what’s going to bombard you.  If you have a habit of dwelling in the Word, there’s no room for that. So, the Amplified translates the word listen to the word hearken and that means listen, take it in, really heed it and it will act spontaneously out of you if you take it in.  So, that’s the remedy for fear, because fear is simply hearing the voice of the devil, isn’t it?
(M) That’s really all it is.
(J) And I’ve been a fearful creature all my life, and why?  Because I’ve heard the Lie; I’ve listened and heard the lie.
(M) I have too.
(J) I think we all do, but it really doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing right now, cause  I’m the one with sore ears
(M)Repenting. Your medicine is repentance, huh?
(J) It really is.
(M) It’s just very simple.  Who you listen to is who you live by. And you can be as sincere as the day is long and listen to the voice of the devil, and be his instrument.
(J) Funny thing is, is that the voice of God feels different.
(M) How so?
(J) Well, I mean, when you hear the voice of Satan or you listen to the enemy through a person, whatever, it feels real different. If you’re hearing the enemy, it trashes you.
(M) It’s death.
(J) It’s death.  And you can feel the death; you can feel the death on you; so you should know very easily what you’re listening to, by the fruit of what you are hearing. What is to doing to your psyche?  What is it doing to your inward being? Is it wasting you and trashing you?  Do you feel better about yourself or do you feel worse? And I’m talking about listening to some lala God.
(M)No, you wouldn’t.
(J)but I’m talking about when I hear things, I’m trashed….but when I hear God? And really it’s not always ‘John, you’re so wonderful’, I mean, it’s not… it’s repentance.  It’s correction, it’s chastening, but I don’t feel the way I feel….I think if I were going to confess anything, I think I’m addicted to hearing that enemy’s voice in a way that makes me feel somehow….
(M) You feel better when you’re condemned?
(J) I think I do.
(M) You know what that is, it’s those things in the brain that connect and make an addiction. Good for you; so you’re breaking something bigg than…
(J) I think my thought process has always been wired to hear….I feel more comfortable, just like when someone comes out of an alcoholic home, you go into an alcoholic home. Why? Why would you marry an alcoholic if you’ve gotten away from you father, or mother, that was one? Why would you marry that?  Because you feel comfortable in it.   Your brain is wired in that way. What is it?  Is it the synaps…
(M) Connects and makes a path in your brain.
(J) It makes a path.  So I’m having to break that thought, and break that pattern of believing. And I don’t want to….That’s not my God. That’s not the God I’ve met in you. I’ve not met a God that condemns. I can feel bad.  I mean I can feel bad with the correction of the Lord, I can feel bad, but there’s a difference. In my height of correction from you, it felt different. In my day-to-day thing, I just need to push him out, because I can’t listen…
(M) You need to replace the thinking with the thoughts of the Lord.
(J)And that’s what I’m trying to do with this book. It’s not a method, to do it with a book, however you  have to do it.  But for me, I can’t maintain it. I can’t maintain what God has said, unless I write it down.
(M) There’s a peculiar loss of memory, isn’t there, on this ground?
(J) Yeah, and you lose only what’s good. You don’t lose what’s bad. What’s bad will be right in your face. But what’s good is gone. Somehow, it gets just kind of blown away. So if you write it down, you say, no, this is what He’s saying to me now. And when He wants to say more He’ll say more, and I’ll put more in this book; but this is what He’s saying. And I’m not going to listen to the other crapt.
(M) He speaks to you, lavishly.
(J) He does.
(M) And you write it down every morning of your life. 
(J)And it’s not like He speaks to me through everything.  I mean, you know, a Maytag commercial, not that He’s ever done that, but I mean it could be.
(M)So you know His Voice.
(J) I do know His Voice; but there’s a mixture. And so I confess that mixture of hearing and repent of it. I receive the chastening of the Lord. I just don’t want to hear the enemy.  I don’t want to hear the enemy..
(M) The Lord says such good things to you too, such wonderful affirmations that are very difficult for you to believe yourself.
(J) It colors your whole life; It colors every ‘dealing’ in your life.
(M) Yes, and every hope or hopelessness for your life. It’s…everything is in hearing; your whole being is determined by what you hear and listen to and think about. Your whole destiny depends on what you hear.

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