Episode #37 – Hearken To His Voice

September 02, 2007

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) Everything is in hearing. Your whole being is determined by what you hear and listen to and think about. Your whole destiny depends on what you hear. I don’t know how to say it.  It’s just so huge to me. You live by what you hear, not by what you think. You actually become the one you listen to, you become that one. And I know that every relationship is life or death; everything you listen to is life or death. And the question in any conversation or anything that comes in, is this life or is it death? And it’s guarding what comes in.
(J) I don’t think I have the guard or filter;
(M)Ah, what does that mean?
(J)I don’t understant it.  I don’t think I have the guard or filter.  I hear the waves of both camps. Because certainly I do hear God.  I know I hear God.  But I certainly know I hear the enemy’s voice.
(M) So this is truly a life or death issue for you?
(J) It is.
(M) And for me.
(J) It is for everybody.  I mean it’s for everybody,  anybody in there that’s not listening to life; they’re listening to death. And if they’re listening to death, they’ll die.
(M) Might still be breathing, but they’ll be dead. As we were talking about this I remembered the scripture that said, “O if My people would just listen to Me”, and I turned to it the next day, it’s in Ps.81. It’s diagnosing the great failure of Israel; that they died in the dessert by unbelief and fear and rebellion.
(J) Because not listening is rebellion.
(M) Wow.
(J) If you don’t hear, it’s rebellion.
(M) Yes. Because in God’s mind you only hear if  you take it in and so meditate on it that your actions naturally flow out of it.
(J) Ok, so then I repent of rebellion. It’s rebellion for me not to hear the Voice of God continually. These people were out there with a pillar of fire and a pillar of smoke, and they were getting a Voice on a regular basis. It might not have been what they wanted to hear, but the Voice was continually talking to them. And it was death and rebellion and they died in the wilderness.  How much more, now that we’re on this side of the cross? Now there’s grace…ok, John, I’m hitting your ears…ok.  But you know something?  What a fool.  At the end of your life, if you had reused to hear God all your life, what a fool you’d be.  If He’d been speaking the entire time and you refused to hear Him and you wanted to hear Satan…You’re a fool.  I don’t say that lightly and I’m saying, I am foolish if I do that
(M) Better to have an ear infection now.
(J) Absolutely, “bare the yoke in your youth, so when you’re old”. Strike me! Absolutely!
(M) This is what it boiled down to for Israel, all their journeys and convoluted events. If we could develop as much a habit of knowing that we need to hear. It’s arrogance to think your own thoughts, and it’s indepedence, and as you said, it’s rebellion. The last thing we surrender as believers is our right to think as we please. We do not have the right to think whatever we want, and that right has to be delivered over. Maybe that’s a transaction we could make right now, is that to deliver your right to think. You have no right to think anything other than what God says.  It is a right you surrendered, when you surrendered all the other rights. But most believers maintain that… I will think I may not can live where I want to, I may not can have what I want to under God, but by golly I will think as I please.
(J) There was a lady that just this week ordered that CD of the month you did, “Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own”. She ordered a number of copies of that to give out, and that’s exactly what you discuss. Your thoughts are not your own, you don’t own them, they’re not your right to have, the thoughts that you want to have.
(M) So, that’s a simple transaction you can make: I give up the right…
(J)Well, I do.  I give up the right. to think the way I choose to.
(M)the way I choose to. I don’t have…I am not my own, so I do not have my own thoughts. I cannot. But, you know, the habit to develop is that the Voice of God is the solution to everything.
(J) And you have to stop and wait.
(M)Exactly.  You have to stop and go and wait and listen until you hear.
(J)That’s right.
(M) And when you hear, the thing is done.
(J) We’re an addictive culture that we live in.  We don’t wait, so the first voice that may come may be the one we take, because it’s done, it’s over, and you can get on.
(M) We have the answer; we lust for the answer, and we will take the wrong answer, rather than wait. Is that what you’re saying?
(J) Yeah, and I’ve learned through watching you, that you have to wait for that Voice. And there may be a barrage of other things that may come up.
(M) I hear the plea of God in Ps. 81, to Israel, “Hear Oh My people and I will admonish you. Oh, Israel, if you would listen to Me. I am the Lord, your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth, and I will fill it” meaning with His words. You see, we literally eat, absorb as nourishment what we’re listening to. I said why would you go to the mouth?  Because we hear, and if we take in what we hear we take in in the same way as food, so that it goes in as that which permeates every cell of the body, and makes us become what we are. “Open your mouth wide and I would fill it”.  What?  With His words. “But My people would not hearken to my Voice and Israel would have none of Me.” If you’re not hearing His Voice of God, something is bad wrong and either you’re not His, you’re not surrendered, or there’s a breech somewhere. So this is the result of not hearing: “So I gave them up to their own heart’s lusts, and let them go after their own will, that they might follow their own councils”. He will let us go if we insist on hearing the devil, He will let us. “Oh that My people would listen to Me, that Israel would walk in My ways.” See, listening and walking go together.  What you listen to, you walk in.  “O, that My people would listen to Me, that Israel would walk in my ways.”  Listen to the result of hearing. “Speedily then, I would subdue their enemies, and turn My hand against their adversaries. Had Israel listened to Me, those who hated the Lord would have come cringing before Him, and their defeat would have lasted forever.”  It’s not just for my benefit that I am to hear, it’s for the benefit of those I refuse to hear when they become a voice of Satan. God would feed Israel now “with the finest of wheat, and with honey out of the Rock would I satisfy you.” His Voice is food, satisfaction to your soul. That’s what His Voice is, and that’s what He will do for the one who will just listen to Him. Just let Him speak and hear Him, in every aspect of our life; to make hearing the solution. There is no other solution, just go hear God. That’s what David would do. In his great horrible oppression, he would take it through the Psalms, he would present his panic.  He would present his rage or his hurt, or his disappointment, and then it would be what God says to him, and it would end in David’s worship. The whole process of listening is right there, as David was a  meditator and a ‘waiter’on God’s Voice. But the one thing that we need is that our adversary the devil and our human adversaries would be defeated by God. That is the promise that comes from hearing His Voice. In other words John, what we’re afraid of, the solution to what we’re afraid of is just to listen to God.
(J) What are we hearing the Lies for? It’s always to save our life. Why are we in fear? It’s to save our life. So, He’s saying, the root cause of why you have fears will be solved when you hear Me. But if you don’t hear Me, you’re going to be fodder; and they were.
(M) Yeah. So, the defeat of the enemy, as it was for Jesus in the wilderness, the defeat of the enemy, for you and those around you, is to hear the Voice of God. Plus, “the finest of wheat and honey out of the Rock, would I satisfy you”.
(J) So does your hearing also make food for others?
(M) Absolutely. Exactly.
(J) So not only your sustenance, but also the sustenance of those around you is dependent upon your willingness to hear the Father.
(M) I have nothing but what I hear, John; I have nothing.  I have no insights, I have no wisdom. That has to all be received on a daily basis, and it is richly available. I can think nothing correctly, and I can see in a situation nothing but what He tells me is there. So I will no longer say this is my final message on fear.  I have finished with that presumption.  And I’ll just say, we’ll see where the Lord takes us now, because apparently this is the season, at least for us in our world, and for those that listen, to really solve and resolve fear. It is solved and resolved by His voice.. What He says to me is so radical that sometimes I have a hard time writing it down. Because I think, not only do I not understand it, it seems impossible. And always what He speaks to me is proven.
(J) Is fear always hearing the voice of Satan?
(M) I believe it is; that’s what I believe.
(J) Well, I’m asking you.
(M)I think we’re from the garden humanly conditioned as Adam’s children and Eve’s children to be conditioned for fear.
(J) When Eve listened, she was immediately afraid.
(M) Exactly.  Satan made her afraid, and then she left God. She thought she was lacking in something. So that is the basis of the fall, and the primary, primal base of our being is to fear that God’s not enough.   And He can’t do it and He’s not there and I’ve got to do it. And the recovery is that the Voice of the Lord is in us, in Christ, and it’s just a matter of letting that Voice have a welcome. What?  What’s tht smile on your face?
(J) Welcome to humanity.
(M) Yeah,  So, I thank Him for staying on fear. 
(J) He’s not done, obviously.
(M) Ah, He’s not done.  I want to get away from it. I’m kind of done with it.  But He is so gracious and merciful, that He’s going to see us through to the end of a fearful life, and to the entrance into a life of boldness, confidence and fearlessness, no matter what comes;  Won’t that be great?  Won’t that be super-human?
(J) Yeah, it will be super-human.
(M )It will be wonderful. We can move with no restrictions, and be without any fear. That’s what He intends, and tha’s what He’s given. He has solved fear by destroying the one who produced the fear of death. He has done it.  How dare we not take in the process of the solution, and it is a process, a process of believing who He is.

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