The Overcomers in Spiritual Warfare – Episode #791

January 29, 2022

The Overcomers in Spiritual Warfare
Episode #791

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Joan Wentzel and Ladonna Spears

This the continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #790
In this moment we need to be overcomers in spiritual warfare and have the right stance to win this war because it’s already won.

The Won War that message to me is one of the most powerful revelations you have about spiritual warfare. This was just an element that you were going to put into that book. I am utterly floored because I believe that you have such a key revelation about actual warfare that the church misses and we go about it…Charismatic churches that I’ve been in its “Let’s go do our rain dance” and that’s the whole wrong principal of it from beginning to end.

We are called to defeat Satan and that’s what I’m refuting.


Because it becomes foolish if you are trying to kill something that’s already happened.

A work that Christ already has done for you…

On the cross.

…on the cross and you’re trying to do it again. It’s not necessary and it is foolish. Why can’t we just let His word and His work stand for itself? He did it already. There’s so much in that that I really want to come back out. It’s needed! We’re living in a war right now and we’re witnessing a war right now and we need to know what spiritual warfare is; we need to know the right stance in spiritual warfare and we need to know how to become an overcomer and be an overcomer.

That’s what you’re doing pulling all this.

In this moment I know that we need to be overcomers and we need to have the right stance so that we can win this war because it’s already won.

It’s a W O N war.

It’s a won war. W O N war. I can do all day long my rain dance but my rain dance doesn’t do a whole lot. It may make me feel good for the moment because I’ve done something but it’s really effective for nothing.

Using the analogy  dropping off your baby for care these two women and Jacquelyn who has been transcribing for years faithfully, tediously, it’s just such a gift to me to be helped over the hump that I feel I’m in. The task is daunting for me to transfer it into a book. Somehow, I need help.

I can completely understand how it would be impossible for you to do, because God gave you a style of writing that is very unique. That is not your style of speaking. You speak in a certain style; you write in a certain style.

Oh, how beautiful.

if I thought I had to take what you have spoken and put it into the way you write, it would be impossible. Because God have you that anointing in writing it would be a really hard thing for you to let that go and then edit the spoken word. It would be so time consuming for you to do it in the way you write. Because I don’t write…it makes it easier.

You have a flow when you write; a stream; I like John’s word “A stream.” It flows, it goes. But it is given to you as a written message. You’re speaking is very personal, very unique as well but does not follow that flow at all because the Spirit just moves differently in you depending on what the situation is and your speaking, to me, has always drawn the person into your life, into what you’re speaking, into the revelation, into your person. It’s so uniquely personal and not that you’re writing isn’t but your writing is just very different. And there’s something between your voice and the words He gives that just kind of pulls you.

This was over twenty-five years ago. I realize now and I can understand why you can’t go back because there are things you couldn’t understand years ago. Now they just seem irrelevant to us because you are so much further down the road. The Lord has you in a different place but they are so crucial. I said to Martha, “When I first saw her which was over twenty-five years ago, I really couldn’t tell you at that time what I saw. Now I understand it was Christ.” It was just a unique situation. I was looking. I had been looking for years for the truth, for the real person. And I saw Him on you. But if I were to try because I’m not a writer, if were to try to put that in words I don’t have any expect I saw Jesus. I can sit down and hear and I hear Him.

You are disconnected from these yet we turn on the CD player and there’s the Lord. It’s like a personal counseling situation with the Lord. And that’s what I think you don’t realize about these. I keep a running supply of CD’s in my car and they are all old ones but they are all so fresh and new and a fresh word because that’s just what the Lord has given through them.

So, to us it’s not tedious to listen to. For you it would probably be very hard to go back and listen and see it and try and put it how you would like to see it now. It would be hard but for us it’s very different.

That’s so helpful. Thank you both for your insight.

I was telling Myles the other day I was saying how your writing style…I actually started crying when I said it. I was telling my friends Patrick and Myles at the same time your writing style literally calls forth out of me the very thing that you are writing about. So, when I read Adoration, the style of your writing and the way you laid it out literally calls me to be a Mary and shows me how to walk moment by moment as a Mary. Literally by how you lined out the entire it gives you Selah moments. You have to listen and you have to Selah and you have to enter in and you have to focus and you have to wait at His feet. And that’s exactly the way you write it patterns it off so that I know how Mary lived because by reading it that way I’m doing what Mary did. I don’t know if that makes any sense but…


…I’ve witnessed it. I’ve done it. And that’s why I was so completely impressed by you writing style because you are calling me into a contemplative and deeply meditative way and completely turned on listening way of focusing on Him.

And so, then I said, “Well, am I going to lose this taking it from the audio to the written?” And I don’t believe so. I believe that it’s different. I believe your style…Chariot of Fire though it has your style it doesn’t have it like Adoration does. All and Only and Adoration are so fine tuned to make you listen and wait and look at Him. Chariot of Fire is more of a militant warfare pose with Jezebel and Ahab and Elijah. And it’s not written the same way. And Altogether Forgiven is not written that way. I think you style is perfectly centered for those two messages in totality because they are the core and they are the focus.

Now that we’re doing these on warfare, I think it’s going to have a little more regular flow.

The Overcomers in Spiritual Warfare – Episode #791 – Shulamite Podcast

We need to know the right stance in spiritual warfare and we need to know how to become an overcomer and be an overcomer.


  1. Pauline says:

    Praise God for His gift to you, through the Holy Spirit and for your enthusiastic obedience which has benefited more readers, listeners and disciples than you can possibly imagine.

  2. Sue says:

    OH WOW the Holy Spirit is giving me the unction that I need to spend more time in prayer and fasting for both of you in these crucial times of writing. Those who follow you both in my sphere call every few weeks to ask “Are they at the printing press yet”. So blessed and thankful for all of you that want to be in God’s will and sacrifice your selves in serving those who HE appoints “my tongue is like the pen of a ready writer”‘

  3. Helen Whaley says:

    When Life is flowing, He won’t let you alone about it…He’s speaking…to you. No one can ‘copy’ what is uniquely the Spirit; you can copy or parrot reasoning. The Spirit breathes & imparts Life in His unique way with you..He is the interpreter of intent. One of the things I love about Martha is her ability to recognize the Lord in unexpected places, packages, & ways. Rare. She sees through the mess to His intention. Years ago some women came to see her, if I remember it, they all wore a certain trench coat…you get the picture! The unique Spirit-given style in writing, speaking, & living, comes because He’s free to move, be still, change direction in His many ways, through her. These Life filled messages insist on you being who you are in His design & destiny. The Spirit Jealously desires… Every message is pressed through her heart & life, & she’s willing to let that be apparent, so we know He Lives His call through willing vessels…who ASK & believe. Paul came in weakness, & in boldness…& in not knowing anything among those he was sent to, but Christ & Him crucified. He’s always the One in view. Therein lies all the difference.

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