Prophetic Prayer, a New Plane, and Faithful People – Episode #624

November 17, 2018

Prophetic Prayer, a New Plane, and Faithful People
Episode #624

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #621.
Have you seen the power of prophetic prayer? Praying in the Spirit’s passion for His faithful people brings heaven to earth—a house, a healing, even a plane!

It was like when you put your feet down on, on the earth in a particular place that He’s telling you to, it’s like He’s, He’s proclaiming His Lordship over that area and that’s, that’s what we’ve seen.

Um hmm.

And I, you know, it’s not like I just, I can go stomp around anywhere want to.


You know, you have to, you have to follow the Spirit and you have to go with the leading of the Spirit. But when, when He does lead you, the power’s there whether you see it or not.

Um hmm. It’s about… You’re right, John. Thank you for that. It’s about the ownership of Christ, the claim of Christ, the dominion of Christ; that we are to be vessels of that dominion, not, not the name-it-claim-it.

Well, you know something? I’ll, I’ll never get over it. You, you… Between the praising the promise, which is what I brought in the last one and, and what you taught in The Power of Prayer and the Experiencing the Depths of the Lord’s Prayer, both of those messages, what you brought, one of the things that just, just impacted me so greatly is that you’re, you’re praying by seeing. You’re fellowshipping with Christ and you’re fellowshipping with, with Him in the heavens and He shows you what’s in heaven and you’re praying to bring that down to earth. And it’s not like you’re seeing what’s on earth and you’re casting it up to heaven so that it will be, you know, better or changed or whatever. You’re literally seeing what is already done in heaven and bringing it down to earth.

And it, it’s a willingness to take some strange directions, isn’t it? I think of an episode I’ve, I told on the, the tapes about prayer. I think it was the Lord’s Prayer series. But I’ve never told it out on a podcast, this story.

I have friends, a family, and father and mother that are dear friends. And he, his business is over long distances so he does it by private, by his own airplane. And he bought this very special airplane, small airplane; very unique airplane. And then they decided to give it to a mission. And they said to the mission, “Don’t ever sell this. If you want, if you want to sell it, we’ll buy it back from you because it is practically one of a kind.” And then they learned that the mission had sold the plane and never contacted them. And they were… It was very difficult to accept it.

And somehow the Lord put that on my heart. And I said, “Lord, I want You to give him a plane even more special.” I don’t understand all the small plane data so I can’t tell you what was what. But I said, “Lord, give him a plane….” That was so generous of them. It was a huge gift to a mission. “And so I, they gave their plane away and I want You to give them back a plane that’s better than that one.” And I never told them I was praying that but it was a passion of my heart. I knew this man was not frivolous. He was, his plane was a working plane. It was his airborne truck and he needed it in order to have efficiency and his time. The distances were just too long to drive. So I was, I had a real passion in my heart about it.

And one day she, this friend, called me and she said, “I just want to tell you about the airplane that my husband has found.” And she went into detail about how special it was and that it was, that he decided to go ahead and buy it and it was being, you know, serviced and so forth for him to come and pick it up. I went, “Oh God, You really did hear me and You really did want it for him.” It was His Spirit in me. There are a lot of things I could have prayed but that’s what the Lord gave me to pray about. That’s what He gave my spirit a passion for. And so they, they, this plane, they got it and it was far better and more unique and more special and a better bargain than the one they gave away.

You saw what was in heaven.

I did, I saw, I saw the plane. I didn’t see it, you know, in detail. But I knew that God wanted to give them a plane. So it’s a great adventure to go that way, great adventure. To say, “Ok, what’s in heaven that You want to bring down to earth?”

That’s, and it’s relational. That’s, it makes it so much more relational than to tell God. I’m not going, I’m not telling God anything, you know? That just frustrates me. Just, it, it leads to frustration. But if I am in relationship with Him and I’m seeing what He’s doing and what He’s saying and what He’s wanting to do and bring to earth that’s, that’s…it’s relational.

Um hmm. You always… That is your foundation, John. And you never move from it. It so impresses me because it is about relationship with the Lord. It’s not about knowledge about Him. It’s not about taking principals and working them. No. Both of these books that I’ve, that I have liked and especially the one on The Attack Lambs is that it is, it is relational and without that relationship you can’t bring heaven to earth. You can’t be an instrument of that.

I thought of another one. Oh, I laughed and told friends, “It’s real scary when you tell people something prophetic and they’re gonna act on it.” It’s a little scary. Please wait!

And one day I was with Jennifer’s parents, Dave and Joan, in my driveway. And I just said… I looked up at the property across the street. It was for sale. And I said to them, “I see you living across the street and I see you building a house up on the side of the mountain there.” And I just was speaking what I saw. Well, they began to move on it and God began to supply in the most amazing ways. Just a small detail—I’ll tell it quickly. They received some many thousands of dollars worth of new but used windows for the house to be built, etc., etc. And the circumstances worked out so that they did began to build across the street and by, by a year, after a year they are living there.

Exactly where you saw.

Exactly what I saw, in the exact spot I saw. And I laughed and told them the other day, “That, that scares me! I want to be really careful I’m hearing.” Because it could be bad to pronounce something and people believe. But they, they… I told them they had to have it affirmed in their heart and they did. They weren’t depending on me. They very much knew that it was God’s guidance.

It bore witness with them.

Um hmm. It did! And with all of us. So we have these dear precious friends here now and we’re having such a wonderful time in the Lord. So they belonged here. And that was how God did it.

So I’m very grateful how people endure with me and with us because I can say things sometimes that are very easily misunderstood. But we have wonderful followers with the integrity of Christ and I think they give us enormous grace. And I want to say that on the podcast that I’m aware that people bear with us as we stumble along and we go from one direction to another and it seems like…but it’s just, it’s just like Jesus traveled. This way and back that way. And that’s kind of how we do, too. That’s kind of how He leads. But I’m grateful for the, the patience that people have with us. So I thank you and God bless you all who listen. We don’t even know who does but I bless you in Jesus’ name.

I thank You for everybody that has said that they would pray and that has started to get the updates. I’m just really so grateful for you. And I’ve enjoyed your letters and your scriptures and your prayers and how you’ve, you know, conveyed that to me; and your encouragement. The encouragement that has come from y’all is just amazing. And I’m so grateful for that. And I really, I’m just praying for more people that want to be a part of that and want to hear updates of what’s going on and what the Lord is doing. So bless you, thank you and I appreciate you listening and I hope this has been enjoyable to hear. God bless!

Prophetic Prayer, a New Plane, and Faithful People – Episode #624 – Shulamite Podcast

Have you seen the power of prophetic prayer? Praying in the Spirit’s passion for His faithful people brings heaven to earth—a house, a healing, even a plane! The Lord will tell us His will, and then we have the privilege of praying His will on earth as in heaven.


  1. Lorraine I Higgins says:

    Thank you for this message. I have been praying and praying for a very difficult and painful situation and even tho I know it’s not right to beg God, the problem is so big and nothing I did seemed to work, that I have at times just sat and cried and begged God to change it. Your words about seeing Him and praying what He is telling me to, have encouraged me ! I was letting the situation get bigger than Him, and this “woke me up”! I listen every Sunday and always come away blessed. Thank you.

    1. John Enslow says:

      Bless you Lori! So pleased these podcasts are ministering to you. We are standing with you also in prayer. Listening is really a huge part isn’t it?! Have you been following the series of blogs about sovereignty on GetAlongWithGod.com? I think they might be helpful to you as well. Here is a link to the last one but they go back for a number of posts.

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