Receiving the Kingdom – Episode #747

March 27, 2021

Receiving the Kingdom
Episode #747

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

This the continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #744
For the Lord is our judge, our Law giver and our King. He will care for us and save us. We’re receiving a Kingdom that is firm and stable and cannot be shaken.

My repentance has been that I hadn’t been enough light to make a difference in the darkness. That I don’t have enough light to make a difference in the darkness.

What I want to do when we read these things. I want us to believe what He’s given. We are receiving a kingdom. That’s not even comprehensible. But that is the word and we’re supposed to lambano, take hold of it and say, “I am receiving the kingdom” and it will manifest.

In spiritual warfare the only aggressive weapon is the sword and that’s the Word. That’s how Jesus dealt with temptation and the lies; quoted the Word. The Word! It wasn’t just quoting, spitting out words, it was, “This is My belief and I’m going to give it clarity.” That’s what I want us to be. I want us when we read these things saying “I’m receiving a kingdom that is firm and stable and cannot be shaken. I’m going to live in a kingdom that cannot be shaken” because it says I can. I’m trying to receive.

Jarrin said something he said that what you let in your ears and your eyes are attempting to push aside the Word of God. That that’s literally… And so, what you’re doing is like say you go to bed and you listen to some awful headline or whatever, you hear it and literally it’s pushing aside the Word that trying to, it’s trying to defuse your faith and it’s specifically used by the enemy.

But you have to take everything, all these things that you’re hearing which we’re going to hear them and lay them against the Word of God. And let the Word be the center, sitting in the center, not what the reports coming in because the thing about Israel and Caleb and Joshua all those others brought all these bad reports and it made awful for all the people of Israel.


Millions. They all died. “Well, ok, then you’re going to stay here. You’re going to stay in the wilderness then. Hope you like it because it’s yours. You’re going to die in the wilderness.” Because they wouldn’t set the Word, they wouldn’t set the Word of God in the center.

And it’s literally there’s a covert operation that the enemy is doing to try to get us to believe in the falsehood; try to get us to believe in the…We’ve been lied to for years. There’s been a system set up and we’ve been lied to for I. And it’s all been about the lies. It’s all been about “I’ll tell you what to believe and I’ll tell you how to look at it and I’ll tell you what the system is.” And then when you pull back the curtain, it’s not what it is at all. It’s not that at all.

I just wanted to tell you this little revelation that absolutely has rocked me. After Cain was jealous of Abel’s offering and he was going to kill him. I think he did kill him or he was at the point of being angry. God said, “Why are you so angry and your face downfallen?” “The devil is crouching at your door, he wants to have you but you must master him.” And all of a sudden, I saw that’s our entire explanation for our existence, that’s our entire ministry, that’s our entire responsibility; that little vignette is everything.

God wants us to rule and reign over nations in the millennium to come in glory, in His presence and over nations and govern with Him and sit on His throne; He has a magnificent plan for us and we have to overcome the beast which is what it says. Actually, it says, “

The beast is crouching at your door. It wants to have you”

and the ‘wants’ should be

He is ravenous to have you,

the Hebrew word is bigger than that,

and you must master it.

That’s our assignment. And we only master him by faith that he’s nothing. But we have to master him or we will be taken over. He wants us. He’s ravenous to have us. But God has given us this assignment. The is the explanation of humanity. The thief is crouching at the door and you must master it. It’s up to you and me to master the beast so that we can rule and reign forever. It’s a forever deal. Some will burn forever and some will live in palaces forever. It’s an extreme opposite.

So I don’t know how it even came about but it’s been for several months I’ve been considering wealth and what’s important and it must have been something… I thought about men going after oil and going for natural resources and we’ve got to buy more silver, we need gold. What are all the valuable things in the world? And I remembered a scripture. I think it’s Haggai 2:7.

I will shake all the nations so that the treasures of all the nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,” says the Lord of Hosts.

Martha, just talked about the scripture of Cain and Abel when the Lord says to Cain,

The enemy is here. The beast is here and you must master him.

The beast was after Cain’s soul because the soul is the treasure of nations. Because that’s what God sees. That’s the treasure that comes to fill His house with glory is our beings that He created; not oil, not gold; not property. And that’s why Jesus said to the disciples, “Drop your nets. I’m going to show you what’s really important. We’re going to go get men, souls.” I don’t know how I got there but except from the beast looking for to take this. We’re responsible to guard our souls for the Lord and get souls for the Lord.

It’s the fishers of men. It’s really the fishers of men. That’s it exactly. Go get the treasure, the fishers of men. And we’re killed all our babies. That’s men a mass assault and then the other. Between the killing of the babies and then our systems and the corruption these people are!

The souls of tormented young people who don’t know if they are a man or a woman. The souls of tormented of people who are just completely confused about who God created them to be.

It’s an all-out assault. It’s literally the…

The treasure.

The treasure of our nation which is our souls.

And that’s every nation.


Fill God’s house with souls.

Oh, my goodness. That’s really good!


They will come with the wealth of all the nations and they will fill His house with glory.

I don’t know. I was just reading it again because it’s so good.


For the Lord is our judge, our law giver and our king. He will care for us and save us.

This is the cool part:

The enemy’s sails hang loose on broken mast with useless tackle. Their treasure will be divided by the people of God. Even the lame with take their share. The people of Israel will no longer say, “We are sick and helpless” for the Lord will forgive their sins.

That’s what Dutch was referencing as the scripture for the government. He is government. I’m amazed at the, talk about a toothless lion there.

The enemy’s sails hang loose on broken mast with useless tackle.

That means they are going nowhere. Nowhere!

And then the treasure will be divided by God’s people.

Something is happening. This whole thing is a setup. If I don’t get into the ya ya about the bad reports, if I stay above the fray, I realize this whole thing has been set up. We have been set up for this for a long, long time. And now it’s all coming. We saw where we prayed for ever and ever and ever. Well, now you’re seeing the fruit of your prayers. They are coming to fruition. And now we’re seeing the answer. And the answer has been awful.

Here comes Moses as the deliver.


And it goes south. Let’s look at the worst part. The people themselves said, “What did you do this for?” But then again what you were talking about is that the end of all this God said, “The people will give you their wealth.” And literally the middle they left with great wealth; money and good and clothing which they didn’t have as slaves.

Really, they gave it all to them. “Here, just take all of our stuff and get out of here.”

He took care of all of that.


I don’t care about getting all the wealth of the nations. But I’m amazed. If you listen to Jarrin he’s says that what’s going down-timber! It’s going down.

I see God as just a brilliant strategist.

Um hmm. This is perfectly ordained. Perfectly strategized. Totally!

And He removes everything in it like you said. Actually what happened…What was supposed to happen didn’t happen but it removed everything human. There is no option. There is nothing left, really.

No, it’s God.


Receiving the Kingdom – Episode #747 – Shulamite Podcast

God has given us an assignment. And while the thief is crouching at the door, we must master it, in order that we can rule and reign in the Kingdom forever.


  1. Sandy says:

    And then there’s also Matthew 16:26…
    “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” MEV

  2. Helen says:

    This battle…THIS GRACE…this place & assignment we are Given in His-tory…This REVEALING!…this clarity, this that God is doing, that we attend to, step into… This is no time to back off. “The devil is crouching…you must master him.” We “lambano…take hold of it”…Receive! all He has Given. Everything is IN the Person of Christ. ‘Talk’ is negotiable…HE is Irresistible…one way or another…The Rock! How often the Lord has said to us, “I Am with you”…it is time for us to say, to live, we are with You, LORD! “May grace, God’s favor & peace which is perfect well-being, all necessary good, all spiritual prosperity, & freedom from fears & agitating passions & moral conflicts be multiplied to you in full, personal, precise, & correct knowledge of God & of Jesus our Lord. For His divine power has bestowed upon us all things that are requisite & suited to godliness, through the full personal knowledge of Him Who called us by & to His own glory & excellence, virtue.” Lance gave this recently: “The crisis of the world today is activating your destiny. I want to adjust My people’s focus to what I’m doing, not what people want Me to do. It’s time to tap into your ultimate assignment.” Fishers of men! Throw the net where the Master says! Thank you, each one, for this blazing message! For Expression of HIM!

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