Episode #32 – Safety Lies In His Will

July 29, 2007

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(J) He’s able to do it.
(M) Yeah, and I was impacted sometime ago, when I did the Manna on Psalm 91. And I’m reminded of that very often, that I’m purposing to love Him with everything, so that qualifies me for Psalm 91, where I have the safety, if I just make Him the Refuge, I have safety. Fear becomes the motivation of all you do. And saving yourself becomes the entire agenda of your life, and when you do that you enter the realm of the enemy where you’re both, in control, trying to be in control.
(J) Trying to be.
(M) Yeah, trying to be. And then you are listening to the lies of all kinds of disaster, failure and etc.
(J) It’s that nebulous thing, where there’s something ‘looming’.
(M) Yes, and sometimes it’s very specific, the fear issue, don’t you think? For me it becomes very specific.
(J) It may be specific, but the funny thing is that it’s never reality specific. It’s like you were saying with Scott, that he got punched in the stomach. But that was a possibility, but it wasn’t a reality.
(M) It could have been if I had believed it and been afraid. And because I prayed against that the injury did not happen. That’s an old story where I had a picture of Scott, and he must have been ten or twelve, being injured in the stomach in a soccer game. And I really stood against it, as the enemy’s ploy. And when I went to pick him up, he had been hit in the stomach, but he was not the least hurt.
(J) That’s a specific.
(M) That’s a specific, and I’ve talked about those things, I think on the two tapes, I think you put together during this time. Ok. And then what really happens John is that you go into madness; fear takes you into madness, because we reason according to fears, and it ends up being madness. This is going to be a rather radical statement I’m going to make. But for a born again believer there is no problem, God’s assumed responsibility for you. The only problem would be unbelief and sin or fear or disobedience. But there is no problem to the born again believer; there’s absolutely not. And I have to learn that over and over again, because I will think there is a problem, and it will seem unsolvable. And in the end I will see not only does God solve it, but it is all for His increase and His glory. It won’t seem like that at the beginning. So there is no problem. He taught me that in business. He would say to me, you have no problem, when you have a problem remember that you have no problem, because your problems are My problems. And I would see Him solve them in just wonderful ways.
(J) That’s incredible trust of the true Father though. That’s releasing your hand, your grip and your clutch and saying ok, you can be my Father, you’re better than I am to deal with all of these things.
(M) What fear does when a problem arises is it makes you go to anger and aggression, or it makes you go to lying. When you’re free of fear you don’t need a mask, you don’t need a hidden agenda, you can just ‘be’, and live, because He has assumed responsibility. I remember reading Watchman Nee, and there was this old man who had no money, and he said brother so-and-so, aren’t you worried? And he looked at Nee like, are you crazy? And he said no, no I’m not worried; Christ is responsible; do you not know that Christ is responsible? And I’ve asked the Lord to teach me that faith. And I’m coming really more to it. He is responsible for everything in my life.
(J) Yeah.
(M) Every obstacle, every problem, every assault, every failure, He is responsible.
(J) And I’ve seen in your life, that repeatedly, when there’s a major crisis, and you go to Him and you bow and you listen, it is resolved. It may not look like something that’s able to be resolved. It looks like there’s a major crisis, but every single time, your life has taught me, that every single time, it is dealt with. Regardless. And that doesn’t mean that there aren’t emotions in it, it doesn’t mean that you’re unscathed, it just means that it’s all taken care of. And that’s what I’ve learned. I’ve watched you and I’ve said, ok, this situation happened, it looks like an awful crisis. She went to listening, she went bowed, and she got right with God. You go with God, somewhere, and then it would be taken away. Now, it may not be taken away like I would have dictated it, ok, do this-this-and-this God and that’ll make this ok. But at the end of the day, at the end of the crisis, there is no problem, and there never was.
(M) And occasionally, this is the way it should be, the problem comes and you have no opinion and no emotional response. And what I’m learning is, that every situation is very simple. It’ not a matter of what should I do, what are they going to do? How can I handle this? And what about this possibility and that possibility? That’s the complexity of fear. But there’s really only one question, what is Your will, what is Your promise, or what is Your will? And even if He wants me to do something it has to be His life that does it. So in problems there’s only one problem. No matter what the complexity is of the problem, there’s only one question, and that is what is the will of God? But you know John, one of the most shocking things God ever said to me was some years ago. I had a friend who was having a moral temptation; it hadn’t resulted in anything, but it was great agony. And I was really concerned, and that means afraid. Translated into real human English, I was afraid for that person, and sort of wringing my hands and calling it prayer. The Lord said, come over here and go for a walk with Me. And I expected some complex answer, some psychological inner healing or some complex thing. And I walked, and it happened to be in the snow, and He said, it’s all lies, it’s all lies. That’s all it is, is lies. Now the person had been born again, had chosen God, she had set her face on His path, and it was a lie that there was even a temptation. That set me on a course of understanding how deeply the enemy deceives us, and lies. At the bottom of that temptation was the fear of the temptation.
(J) Which gave the temptation power.
(M) Power! exactly. My belief gives the lie its power to convince me that it is real.
(J) So then belief really is power.
(M) You empower, who you believe, and it’s a ‘who’, and who you believe you empower to make what you believe come about.
(J) So that’s why He continually and ever presently was angry with the disciples when they didn’t believe. Nothing else; you could call fire from heaven to kill people and all that kind of stuff, but when you don’t believe Me, you’re giving power to the enemy, and in doing that you’re dethroning Me. And that’s where I boil it down to saying its anti-Christ.
(M) There’s your simplicity, there it is. And then I know someone else who is tormented with accusations, and I can say to her, it’s all a lie, and she’s immediately free. I don’t have to convince her, I just say it’s a lie. When I was learning forgiveness, oh my goodness, when you set out on the path of forgiveness, it’s quite a path. I would have these offenses come over and over and over and over. And I would say oh my goodness I have to do the work of forgiving again, ok forgive me for not forgiving, and I ask your forgiveness Lord, and I forgive that person, and once again for the five-millionth time I forgive that same offense. And one day I said, wait a minute, I dealt with that, this is a lie that I have not forgiven.
(J) That’s awesome.
(M) And I was free; and pretty much I would say I’m ninety-percent free of the enemy bringing old offences up. Because once I really commit to forgive from my heart, I believe that it is done, and the lies of the enemy cannot get me there to go back over that. It’s a waste of time to go back over something that is solved.
(J) And it’s unbelief.
(M) Its unbelief.
(J) It is empowering Satan to torment you by going back over it again.
(M) So it’s all a lie. Now I want to read you something. There’s someone dear to us that’s really dealing and facing her extreme fear. And she wrote this to me, and I asked her permission to read it because it’s so awesome what she comes to. She has done a great deal of work, on her face, on her knees, and the Lord has really ministered to her. But she wrote this, “I listened over and over to you on your last months message on repentance. I believe through the repentance He’s been giving me, He has been destroying and blowing up walls that I built to save my rebellious life.” And the repentance she’s going through is her not just fear, but the repercussions of her fear, and what it means. She says, “I have been completely undone and destitute, desperate for Him. He has been shaking my fear, and all it encompasses. The evil foundation has come loose, but I’ve been hopeless and helpless if there was any remedy. At times I lay on the floor with no hope of conquering the fear that has controlled and conquered and seemed to consume me. And when I was in total despair, crying out to the Lord, He came and rescued me again and again and took the fear and torment of it. (The torment of the fear she means.) The other day when I felt it start to come up again, I heard Him say clearly, “It is a lie, it is not real”, and somehow I let it go to Him.” You see, we have nothing to fear, we who follow and belong to the Lamb, because He rules, He is Lord. And Rosemary reminded me as I was reminiscing about going up to the village.
(J) Limón?
(M) Limón, in the mountains, and how I stood up in that little church, just another culture, another world, Mars to me. And I really went into a state of shock, because I thought what on earth do I have to say to these people? They had no running water, they had no electricity, they had no education, and they had nothing. They had nothing, but they came in with eager faces to hear me. And some of them had come from some distance, and we had certainly come from some distance, from Santa Rosa. I was just paralyzed, and I thought I cannot speak Lord. And He said, come over here to the window, and of course they don’t have glass, their windows are a hole in the wall. And I looked out and I saw one of the most beautiful vistas I had ever seen. It went on and on, it looked like, for eons. A beautiful mist over the mountains, and it was just beautiful. I think in my spirit He was saying, look at Me, and look away from this visible, these poor, poor people and their poor little children and their circumstances. And then He said, you have one thing in common with every believer in the world, and that is warfare. And so He said I want you to teach them the secret to warfare, that Christ is Lord. Now there’s a whole ‘nother podcast here, but I don’t even remember what I taught, I don’t even remember that occasion, but Rosemary reminded me of it, and it impacted me because that I believe is our warfare over Honduras, over every individual life that’s with us, and over the ministry, is the absolute declaration that He is Lord, and Satan is not in control, he has been rendered powerless. And the fight I have made in Honduras, that I didn’t really even consider that much as warfare, but just the continued declaration that Jesus is Lord of the place we’re in, we’re assigned to and called to. And He is Lord of Honduras no matter how it looks, no matter the corruption, the crime, the degradation, the destitution, no matter what, Jesus is Lord, and that is the secret to sending away the lies of the devil. He is not in control, he cannot touch us, “I have given you power and authority over all the power of the enemy, and to trample snakes and scorpions, and nothing shall in any wise harm you”. That is the truth John, if we will take that simplicity, wherever there is fear it is satanic, and where it is satanic or tyrannical or invasive or aggressive, or whatever, accusational, whatever, we have the authority and the power to declare that Jesus is Lord; and that Satan has no right, no power, no place, period. And that is the solution to fear.

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