Episode #33 – The Lord Of Life

August 05, 2007

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) No matter what, Jesus is Lord, and that the secret to sending away the lies of the devil. He is not in control, he cannot touch us, “I have given you power and authority over all the power of the enemy, and to trample snakes and scorpions, and nothing shall in anywise harm you”. That is the truth John. If we will take that simplicity, wherever there is fear it is satanic, and where it is satanic, or invasive or aggressive or accusational, whatever, we have the authority and the power to declare that Jesus is Lord; and that Satan has no power, no authority, no place, period. And that is the solution to fear. It is faith to know that, believe it and declare it. And I believe that enormous walls topple. If it’s only Satan John, I can deal with that. If its human evil I can’t deal with that, I can’t control anyone, I can’t protect myself; but if it’s only Satan, then I have authority there.
(J) Right.
(M) Because of the Cross. And all evil is from Satan.
(J) There’s a big gap in the psyche in that though.
(M) What do you mean?
(J) The jump to getting in that, and believing that.
(M) It takes awhile.
(J) I feel like we’re almost trained to be on the opposite side of that.
(M) Humanly, naturally, the opposite side.
(J) Right, and then to jump into that camp is a choice first, but then it’s a renewing of your mind. Is that what the renewing of your mind that Paul talks about, that Jesus Christ is Lord?
 (M) Ultimately that’s what it is. I’ve said before that T. Austin Sparks says that the Early Church began with that premise, Jesus is Lord, and that was the reason they had so much victory. So I don’t know John, it’s like that belief that Jesus is Lord comes with the package of being born again, if you will let it. That faith is in you that He is Lord, but also it is a process, for me, I’m sorry, I didn’t begin that way. Well I did start that way, that’s not quite true, I did start that way. He was absolutely in control. And the faith in that attacked me, I mean my faith in that was attacked. Over and over an evil seemed to rule and seemed to rule, and the great tests of my life have been really to not believe the lies, and to believe that He is Lord, and Satan is rendered absolutely futile and inoperative. In Isaiah 14, or is it Ezekiel, I think it’s Isaiah says the King of Tyre fell, Satan fell, Lucifer fell. And the end of it says, we will gaze at him and say of him, was this the one that troubled nations, is this all there is? And I think that we need to see that now. Is that all that is, oh well, hallelujah! If it’s only Satan, he’s over.
(J) Reminds me, just a little visual, I’m seeing this cartoon with this big huge shadow of this awful thing, and then you get around the corner and it’s just a little worm. That was it?! giggle
(M) You feel kind of foolish for being afraid of it. But you know John, I went back to Eph. 6, in the Amplified it is rendered, “stand, stand, stand.” It doesn’t say fight; we don’t fight the devil to defeat him. I have a real hard time with what is typically known as warfare.
(J) Yeah, me too.
(M) But the warfare is not, the fight is over; and I’ve spent years sorting this out because I couldn’t understand how there could be a fight if Satan had been defeated. And it was true, I was right; there is no fight, the fight is the fight of faith, the fight to believe, the fight against my unbelief, and against the enemy’s lies. The fight is of faith. It’s not against, it’s not to defeat the devil, he has been defeated, and it is over.
(J) It’s a standing.
(M) It’s a standing; and that’s what Ephesians says, over and over again, stand firm. And the stance is Christ is Lord, King.
(J) Now, regardless of circumstance, or appearance.
(M) Right, and even evidence, which I have seen plenty of evidence that appears to mean He is not in control. But He is. How about if I read this John, in the Amplified.
(J) Great.
(M) Eph.6:10 “In conclusion be strong in the Lord, be empowered through your union with Him. Draw your strength from Him, that strength which His boundless might provides.” You know what I think strength is John, it’s faith. That’s the real strength, that’s strength you don’t need any other. “Put on God’s armor, the whole armor, the armor of an armed soldier which God supply’s.” And that armor is self-defensive, but it is only the word is offensive here, but you put on that armor, and I think it’s very much over your body, because we’ve had such attacks, I’ve had such attacks on my body, and He has conquered every attack.
(J) He really has.
(M) “That you may be able successfully to stand up against the strategies and deceits of the devil.” Then verse 13 says, “Put on God’s complete armor that you may be able to resist and stand your ground in the evil day of danger, and having done all the crisis demands to stand firmly in your place. Stand therefore, hold your ground, having tightened the belt of truth around your loins” etc. then he says, “Lift up over all the covering shield of saving faith upon which you can quench all the flaming missiles of the wicked one.” And those flaming missiles are the lies. The lies that come at us, come about us from others, the lies of what we hear of what is coming, etc, etc. I’m really convinced that the Lord is after a people who are not afraid, no matter what. Or a people, and it would be the same people, a people who know how to resolve their fears immediately, by going into the presence of the Lord, and hearing Him and believing what He has to say. We’ve really lived out John Bevere’s statement; it is with me pretty constantly, the statement that he made that God said to him, “If you don’t defend your authority, Satan will number one take it from you, and then use it against you”. It just makes a big difference, I had an experience recently where I said, I’m going in all the authority Christ has given me, I’m going in my place, I’m going to stand in my place. And that whole meeting, about seven people, turned completely around and under the Lord, and became what it would not have been. It was simply a matter of taking my stand, not just in who Christ is, but who I am as His own servant who I am in Him. So it’s standing for Him and in Him, is the stance. And I’m excited to see the effects of it. We stood that first night that we were all three sick, we just stood, that we were sent and we were going forth and Christ was enough and we were healed, and we just stood.
(J) And it wasn’t presumption.
(M) No, it was confidence.
(J) Confidence, because we knew what He had called us to do.
(M) And we knew it was warfare that opposed His glory.
(J) It’s weird, I’ve never had an earache like that, never.
(M) So that’s what we did, and the standing was successful.
(J) Absolutely.
(M) We were all three well. And I didn’t even mention on the pod-cast that the dentist called me and said I had an abscess under my tooth and was in danger of going to the hospital, and that it was that serious and I had to have an antibiotic, so we got the antibiotic before we went to Honduras. There was another blow that came then too, and I had absolutely no symptom from it. You know if you don’t have the symptoms of a sickness you may as well say you’re well.
(J) It was a time bomb, wasn’t it?
(M) It really was.
(J) But it was taken care of. And it was found, because it was something that you were doing just routinely, oh let’s just go in there and they said let’s get, because you were changing dentists.
(M) Yes, I went to a new dentist and it happened to be a woman that’s a believer and has been on mission trips to Ecuador. And she knew exactly, so her nurse tracked me down by cell phone called in the prescription on the journey down because this dentist happened to be one who knew what it would be like to be in a third world country with a dental problem; because she goes as a medical mission. So it was perfect in every way. The whole thing was perfect. I said to Jean while we were going down, I feel like I’m falling apart and being put back together again at the same time. But that was an experience of standing that we had, and it did cause the devil to flee. The next podcast is going to be Rosemary going to the women who were there and giving reports that I haven’t even heard yet. I am so excited to hear what the Holy Spirit did.
(J) She’s going to start interviewing tomorrow.
(M) Is she really? She’s going to do a podcast in Honduras and we’re going to be able to put it on up here. That’s going to be real exciting because we knew that the enemy was opposing it, but that it was all a lie.
(J) The proof of this is that your escape was already laid before you ever had a problem.
(M) You know that’s true John.
(J) You had made as appointment long before, you were just changing dentists and routinely she just takes x-rays. So literally the entire exit and escape route was a doorway.
(M) And see when I got the eye infection I cancelled the dental appointment, it was that same day. And because of the eye infection I couldn’t go to the dentist and I had no idea there was a problem. So that’s why she was aware that I was going to Honduras, and you had told her too.
(J) I just happened to go to the same dentist, and if I hadn’t been in the chair saying oh we’re going to Honduras, she wouldn’t have known.
(M) That’s right, and that happened too, oh my goodness.
(J) The entire thing was totally laid out, that proves, and it wasn’t like we all were planning it, we didn’t have any idea of the problem, God laid it out perfectly.
(M) And you weren’t with me when Jean was with me getting the prescriptions and he got the calls from the dentist and all of that. And I worshipped Him for being so perfect; He had it orchestrated before the foundation of the world. If you’re in His will and your going toward His will, everything is perfectly aligned, there is nothing to be afraid of.
(J) But the thing that I usually I hear a lot of the unbelief coming on is because them say, but this, this and this happened. Well you did have to have oral surgery, it did knock you out for three or four days, and it was bad, but it was all taken care of. So it doesn’t mean you’re going to go through these escapes unscathed. And sometimes there’s a barometer on the belief level, saying ok, if it’s perfect and it doesn’t cause me any pain, then it’s God. Well that’s not the way it is, and that’s what, that’s another thing I’ve learned from you. Because I came from a church that basically told you, if there’s pain, you’re not in faith. It wasn’t blatant, but that’s what was being preached. And I have learned through watching God interact with you, that pain is not eliminated and you don’t scoot around it, you have to go through pain, but it’s the pain that He dictates you have to go through it and the grace is there to receive it and you were able to do it. I had an awful time watching you but you were able to go through it with grace. And if I had believed myself, maybe I would have had the grace to go through it as well.

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