Episode #58 – Two Trees

January 27, 2008

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(J) You’re really having a revelation from the Lord about the trees. And on the website you visited that revelation.
(M) There are a number of files. And it seems when I go back very often to the Trees; there’s Choice of Trees, Sources, Towering Trees, Trees of Choice.
(J) I think that’s all in a series called “The Towering Canopies of Life or Death” about the Trees; and now you can do a search under Trees, and you did Towering Trees, Sources, Illegal Choices, Tree of Delusion, and Life-giving Fruit. And so anyway, this is a series that you did back in 2002, and so the Lord is kind of bringing you full circle on it and you started telling me a little bit about it and I wanted to do a podcast on it because I thought the revelation on it was absolutely wonderful. So tell us what the Lord is speaking to you right now.
(M) I know the Lord is timeless, but He seems to deal in terms of units of time with us. And I always think January is a year that He wants to speak to or direct into.
(J) Would you call it the ‘rudder’ of the year?
(M) Yeah. And He began by just taking me back, and I think I did it on the Manna, taking me back to, what is your life about? And it is to know Him. That’s the basis, to know Him, not about Him, not doctrine, etc., etc. Which I seem to go back to that same subject a lot, and in doing that I said to Him show me afresh how to know You more. And so He took me back to the two trees in Genesis. And I see some things I’ve never seen before. You know John, the scripture is so utterly brilliant, and it’s spoken by the Highest Intelligence, the One that made the universe spoke the scripture. It is so far beyond us, its complexity and its simplicity, it just can’t be grasped by the human mind. And I read commentaries a lot, and you do too, and I find so often in the commentaries, not always, sometimes there are really wonderful things, but most of what is written in the commentaries is mental assessment of what cannot be possibly be mentally perceived. Now I’m talking about reading the scriptures and explaining it by logic, what it looks like it says. And it’s written so brilliantly that it is possible to look at it from logic, but only if you know the Person of the Author, can you really know what He is saying. So we’ll never plumb the depths of scripture. He will come before we ever, corporately as millions of believer’s we’ll never comprehend the levels of understanding of scripture. But I’m learning that the core absolutes are very simple; they’re just expressed this way, and then that way, and then repeated, the basics are just a few premises. I believe really no more than seven; and that they are stated by metaphor, by parable.
(J) Are you talking about the seven issues in the Revelation?
(M) Yeah, those are the ones. We learn by repetition and by picture; that’s how as children we learn. The scripture repeats over and over again. Well what I’m seeing about the trees this time is that there are so many pictures of the issue of trees. It’s a theme of scripture that goes from beginning to end. For instance in Matt. 7, when Jesus is winding up the Sermon on the Mount, He ends by saying, “Beware of false prophets, for they are ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing”. Then He says, “You will know the tree by its fruit. A good tree cannot bare bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bare good fruit”. And I began to see that He begins and ends with those two things, a good tree and a bad tree. Well there are the two trees again, and to me they go back to Eden, because the tree you eat of is the tree you are. You become the tree that you partake of.
(J) You are what you eat.
(M) Yes. And then I began to brood with Him about what are You saying when You say a tree? Why did You tell them in the middle of the garden, I went back and read it, “Do not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or you will, that day, that moment, die.” And I think He began to show me that a tree represents something living; and that the trees are actually representing entities, spiritual entities, Satan and God. And they are what I’ll call ‘speaking trees’, because they are sources. The tree is to picture that they are a source. And you go to a tree, not just for ideas, but for something that has either life or death, in the words of it. What Satan spoke to Eve, those words, even the misquoting of scripture, were words of death, and they caused her death. So they’re living and they’re rooted in the earth, and they’re large, and we don’t understand that what we eat is how we live and who we are. But the same is true of what you hear. Spiritually what you hear is either food of life or death, what you listen to. So that’s what I’m on. Arthur Pink says there are not two categories of people, there are three; he says there are the religious, the heathen and the saved. Well from a human standpoint you could use those categories, but not from God’s standpoint. From God’s standpoint there are only two. And you told me the other day you agreed fully with that. God sees it as which tree.
(J) Right, you’re either eating out of the tree of good and evil and poising yourself as a good person or your poising yourself as a bad person, you know, you can be an evil person or you can be good. My thing about the religious good and everything; but that’s all one tree, and it’s not the tree of life. So there are only two camps; that’s what I saw the other day when we were driving down the mountain.
(M) Yeah, well said. God ever sees us, either for Him or against Him, with Him or not with Him. And it’s really everywhere; in 2 Cor. Paul wrote, “We are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved, and among those who are perishing. The one an aroma from death to death, to the other an aroma from life to life.” Now there’s death and life. And it came to me because I’ve been memorizing John 15 about abiding, that you’re called to abide in a living vine; same concept, that you are to live in something that is producing a sap, and flowing into you. And Jesus says so powerfully and clearly that if you do not abide in Him you are cast away and burned; what that means I do no know. It’s absolute and it’s frightening; you either abide in the right tree, or you are in death. So to know Him, you have to go to that Tree of Life.

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  1. Doris says:

    It has been a long time since I have made a comment. But God has brought me to this point and I began to search and ask about the trees and all of the questions that are so pertinent in the above discussion.

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